5 of the Best General Oracle Card Spreads

Oracle Cards Are a Tool for Personal and Spiritual Growth, With the Help of Your Intuition

Oracle cards are an intuitive tool for personal and spiritual growth. Their purpose is to help you gain clarity, develop your intuition, and make better decisions by understanding our lives’ underlying patterns.

Learning about oracle cards is not a substitute for using them, though! The process of picking out a deck and shuffling through it yourself can be intimidating at first because there are so many different decks with various artwork and themes.

While some decks might look more aesthetically pleasing than others, what matters most is finding a deck that speaks to you personally. If you love animals, Steven Farmer’s Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards might speak to you. Sofan Chan’s Buddhism Reading Cards are perfect if you’re inspired by Buddha’s teachings. If the moon and its phases intrigue you, try the Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland. These are just a few examples. There are literally decks available on any theme you can imagine!

Once you have an oracle card deck (or ten 😉 ), it’s time to start using it. Here is an overview of five general oracle card spreads you should try.

general oracle card spreads

One-Card Spread

A one-card spread is a simple yet powerful way to gain insight into a specific situation, question or issue. You can use it to find out what you need to know now or what your spirit guides or higher self want you to focus on.

For example, if you’re wondering whether it’s time for a career change, ask yourself the question: “What do I need to know about my current career right now?” then pull one card to find your answer. You can use this same method with any other topic as well.

Another option is asking questions such as “What do my spirit guides want me to focus on right now?” This question for the oracle helps train your mind toward seeing connections between events or people in your life and is excellent for providing you with direction. It’s my favourite question when using oracle cards or tarot cards!

Two-Card Spread

The two-card spread is excellent for getting more information about a situation, clarifying a question, or getting a better understanding of yourself.

The first card is exactly like the one-card spread, providing general advice. The second card provides you with further insight into how you can embrace your answer for your highest good or other factors to consider.

Ask yourself how the two cards relate to each other – what are they saying together? Does this new piece of information change anything? What does each card mean on its own?

Three-card Spread

Now that you have the basics of using an oracle deck let’s talk about one of its most common spreads – the three-card spread.

This spread is a great way to get a deeper view of your situation. There are so many different ways you can use three cards. Each one answers your question differently or provides you with other aspects to consider.

Here are some popular three-card spreads:

  • Past, present, future.
  • Mind, body, soul.
  • Choice A, choice B, how to choose between the two.
  • Your strength, what your heart says, your challenge to work through.

As you grow and develop your spiritual practice, you’ll uncover many other ways to use a three-card spread. It’s a very compelling reading, hence its popularity.

Four-Card Spread

The four-card spread is a general oracle card spread that gives you a broad overview of your situation or question. Again, you can interpret the cards in a several ways, but here is one that I love.

  • Card one represents you and your current mindset.
  • Card two represents what is coming up for you shortly.
  • Card three represents something from your past or present affecting your present situation.
  • Card four represents your hopes and dreams for the future and your next step.

Five-Card Spread

The Five-Card Spread is a great spread to use when you want to get an in-depth answer to your question. It can give you a lot of information about the situation you are asking about and offer advice on how best to proceed. The five-card spread is also helpful when looking for answers regarding situations or people that are important or difficult for you, and situations where you feel there is no clear answer.

  • Card one reveals how you’re feeling about the situation.
  • The second shows you what has been holding you back and needs releasing.
  • The third card provides you with guidance on how to move past this.
  • Card four shows you where to place your focus once you have done so.
  • The final card represents the likely outcome for you.

These General Oracle Card Spreads Can Help Guide You in Many Ways

Oracle cards can help guide you in numerous ways. The first is as a way to find answers to questions. If you have something bothering you, or if there is something on your mind, an oracle card reading can help answer those questions.

Don’t worry if any part of your oracle reading doesn’t make sense right away – you can always come back later with more insight! In fact, I highly recommend keeping a journal or notebook where you write down your questions, the cards you pull, and your interpretation of them. Then, come back to your reading later on and see if your intuition has made more sense of it.

Another way that you can use oracle cards is as tools for finding solutions to problems. If something is going wrong in your life right now and you need help figuring out how to fix it, an oracle card reading may provide useful information and guidance on what steps to take next.

Oracle cards can also be used as a way to improve your life overall – they will give advice on how certain habits of yours are affecting the way things are going for you now. But they don’t stop there. Using the cards helps remind you about your strengths in life and how to use them.

By looking at different aspects of ourselves through these readings, we gain insight into who we really are and what we truly want out of life which helps us make better choices going forward!


Over to You!

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2 thoughts on “5 of the Best General Oracle Card Spreads”

  1. I have often wondered why there are so many different decks in oracle cards, but you have answered that question for me. It is because each deck will speak personally to you. Although I have not used oracle cards before, I can see how the cards can be used as a tool to help me find a solution to a problem. 

    I am at a crossroads in my life at the moment, A three card spread sounds as if it might help me, as it look at your strength, what your heart says, the challenge to work through. 

    Thank you for introducing me to these spreads in oracle cards and I will bookmark the page to learn more.

    • You are more than welcome!

      The three card spread you mentioned will certainly help you to clarify your next steps and how to use your personal strengths to do so.

      As you work through this crossroads you are at, trust your intuition. Using oracle cards, you will discover things your logical mind may miss.

      I wish you all the best,



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