Tarot & Oracle Readings

Tarot and oracle cards are transformative tools blending aspects of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

Using these cards, you can tap into universal energy by paying attention to their symbolic language.

By using our intuition or gut feelings, we can receive messages that offer us food for thought, positive guidance and advice we can choose to follow to help empower our happiness.

I am honoured you have chosen me to read for you. I hope that you find our time together as rewarding as me and that we can uncover ways to ignite your personal growth.

oracle card deck

Different Spreads Available

1 card spread

1 Card Spread

A simple one card spread to provide an overview or area of focus.

$15 (USD)

3 card spread

3 Card Spread

The most popular three card spread provides a more detailed answer to your query.

$25 (USD)

complex tarot spread

Complex Spread

If you wish to explore a larger, reading, get in touch and I’ll tailor something just for you.

Custom Price


FAQs About Readings

General Questions

You can decide if you’d rather have your reading done via an email or Facebook Messenger conversation or like to have it done via a Zoom video meeting. I recommend whichever you are most comfortable with – I know some people don’t like video calls.

I would allow for 10 – 15 minutes per card. This applies to Zoom readings only.

It is beneficial to think about the question you want to be answered beforehand. You can email that to me, and I will let you know if I feel I need more context to understand your situation better. 

If you choose a Zoom reading, please ensure you are ready for the meeting at the start time, as I must adhere to the allocated time. 

Regardless of the reading method you choose, here are some quick tips to get you in the right state of mind:

  1. Make yourself a warm drink to sip, or have some water handy.
  2. You could also light a candle or burn some incense if you’d like to.
  3. If you’re comfortable doing so, spend a few minutes meditating or breathing deeply to help ground yourself and clear your mind of distractions. You should do this before our Zoom meeting time or before you read through your email/messenger reading.
  4. Repeat your question out loud or in your mind to focus on it.

I follow a similar process or ritual as described above.

I will get myself something to drink – a tea or some water. I then put some light music on – there are some fantastic instrumental/meditation-type tracks on Spotify. I’ll spend some time ensuring my space is comfortable and inviting by burning some incense and selecting a few crystals I feel drawn to. Then, I’ll say a short dedication/prayer and spend a few minutes meditating on the question you want to ask.

I will only use physical decks for my readings and not electronic cards.

My preferred tarot deck is the Original Rider Waite one.

For oracle cards, you can choose from the following decks:

  • I Ching
  • Buddhism Reading Cards
  • The Journey Cards
  • Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards
  • The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck
  • The Crystal Oracle
  • Moonology Oracle Cards
  • Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards
  • LSW Mindcards
  • The Universe Has Your Back

Is there a situation happening that you’d like advice on? How best to proceed? What the outcome of two choices might be?

You may have a question about a particular relationship, a career opportunity, or something relating to your personal growth. The choices are endless. 

I find that the more specific you are, the better. For example, let’s say you have been offered a position at different company. You could ask, “what do I need to consider before making the decision to take this new job?”

Generally, I prefer to do readings that focus on one main question or subject. There are always exceptions and ultimately, it’s up to you as to what you want to ask. 

If you concentrate on one thing, you will likely receive a more useful answer that we can both interpret easily.

There are times where you can ask multiple questions that tie in well together. For example, we could do a three-card spread and ask what the likely outcome is for choosing option A, what the likely outcome is for choosing option B, and how you should choose between the two.

No. I don’t claim to predict the future, winning lotto numbers or anything else like that. The purpose of my readings is to provide you with intuitive guidance and new ways to think about a topic.

I view tarot readings and oracle readings as a tool for personal growth. Think of it more as a coaching session.

Yes, I’m happy with questions about another person however, be advised that I recommend you keep the focus of your question on yourself rather than someone else. Doing so ensures you’ll get the advice and guidance you need instead of learning something that may not be relevant.

Booking Questions

I offer three choices.

A one-card reading is perfect to get an overview of a situation or a laser-focussed answer. They say that sometimes, less is more.

I also offer the ever popular three-card spread. These are excellent for getting a more detailed understanding and for providing clarity. There are many ways to use this layout – the possibilities are endless. Three-card spreads give you insight into different aspects and factors at play. You can use them to help you choice between two choices as well.

Finally, if you want something different from the two options above, I’m more than happy to create a custom layout for you. This could be something like the Celtic Cross spread, a 12-card reading for the year ahead, or anything else you think of.

To book a reading with me, choose a date and time here. I will confirm further information and payment details with you via email.

Usually, payments are made via PayPal. This way, you can pay in your preferred currency and use either a credit/debit card or another method you have set up. 

Alternatively, I accept payment in bitcoin (BTC) or ether (ETH). If you’d like to use crypto, let me know when you book.

By purchasing any of my services, you agree that you’ve read and understood my Code of Ethics/Terms and Conditions.