Tarot Cards for Jealousy (Plus a 4-Card Spread to Help!)

Are you feeling jealous about something? It is natural to feel jealous, especially when comparing yourself with others. Using tarot cards for jealousy might not have been your first thought, but in this post, I discuss Tarot cards representing jealousy and a spread that can help you come to terms with the root cause of your jealousy.

Tarot cards have been around a long time. They are used to answer questions and predict future outcomes. I believe they also work incredibly well for the present, such as making decisions on significant matters.

There is something valuable to be learned from looking at the symbolism of Tarot cards and considering how they apply to jealousy.

If we’re being honest, we all struggle with jealousy sometimes. Whether in romantic relationships, friendships or even at work, it’s normal to feel envious of other people’s successes and relationships. That said, it’s important to recognise when your jealousy is becoming unhealthy.

One way to do so is by using Tarot cards as a tool for self-reflection and guidance. In this article, I’ll show you how!

The Definition of Jealousy

Jealousy is described as feelings of anger, resentment or envy towards someone who has something you want. It’s a familiar feeling that can be triggered by almost anything: a better job, better grades, more friends—even if you have all those things yourself.

You might be jealous when you see someone else with something new or exciting, like a shiny new car, or feel envious of people who live in places where it’s warm year-round.

You might be jealous of another person’s status—how much money they have or how popular they are.

Or maybe you’re envious because someone else has a fantastic relationship with their partner and family.

Jealousy can sneak up on us at any time!

Regardless of why you might be experiencing jealousy, tarot cards are an excellent tool to explore this feeling further.

What Cards Represent Jealousy?

  • Five of Wands.
  • Eight of Wands.
  • Reversed Queen of Wands.
  • Five of Pentacles.
  • Temperance.
  • The Devil.

These six cards are the ones I feel most represent jealousy or envy in a tarot deck. Of course, different readers interpret symbols differently, so please use this only as a guide.

If you pull a card different from the six listed and feel it is speaking to you about jealousy, then you are correct.

I’ve found that tarot cards can be a great tool to help you understand the source of your jealousy. They can also offer insight into how to heal from it.

Five of Wands

five of wands rider waite tarot deck

The Five of Wands is a card about competition and conflict. This card can also be seen as a warning that you may be fighting hard to be heard but feel like no one is listening.

With that being said, if you find yourself feeling jealous of someone else’s accomplishments or possessions, this could signal an underlying problem in your relationship with them.

If you are having difficulty managing these feelings of jealousy, try sitting down together and discussing them openly.

Recognise this challenge as a positive thing, as it can help you grow and learn more about yourself.

Eight of Wands

eight of wands rider waite tarot deck

Some interpret the Eight of Wands as “arrows of jealousy”. You may feel that you’re facing a wall of obstacles when it comes to getting over your jealousy.

The Eight of Wands shows that you are about to pass through one of those walls but there will be other challenges standing between where you are now and your desired outcome.

It symbolises conflict resolution, so it shows that if you’re determined in your actions, you will work things out.

Reversed Queen of Wands

queen of wands rider waite tarot deck

The reversed Queen of Wands is a card of disappointment. Are you trying too hard to please others? Or have you fallen into the trap of trying to be what you think others want you to be rather than being yourself?

The reversed Queen of Wands can also represent jealousy in love and friendship situations. The person with this card may feel jealous when seeing other people getting attention from their significant other or friends, which can lead to arguments between partners if not handled carefully.

This jealousy might make you feel powerless because you don’t know what direction to take next. Channel your personal strengths and trust your intuition to guide you in releasing these feelings of envy.

Five of Pentacles

five of pentacles rider waite tarot deck

This card is a sign of ego, pride and loss. Jealousy may threaten to destroy what you’ve worked for if you don’t work through these feelings.

Ground yourself and work to uncover what is holding you back. What is the root cause of how you’re feeling?

Don’t see this as all negative – instead, view it as the push you need to make some changes in your life.


temperance rider waite tarot deck

This card is a reminder to be careful not to let your emotions get the best of you. There’s nothing wrong with being jealous, but it’s essential to keep in mind that there are many ways of dealing with jealousy—and not all of them are healthy.

Inappropriate behaviour often arises out of frustration, which can result from one or more factors:

  • Feeling that you’re not getting enough attention from someone else;
  • Having doubts about what’s going on between yourself and another person;
  • Not feeling comfortable expressing your opinions in a socially acceptable way;

It may also be a sign that something is missing from your life. Maybe you’re feeling unsatisfied because there’s no excitement in an otherwise good relationship, or perhaps there has been some loss recently (such as losing touch with friends).

Whatever the case may be, this card reminds us that balance is critical when handling relationships: neither too much nor too little can lead us towards happiness!

The Devil

the devil rider waite tarot deck

The Devil is a card that represents temptation, the ego, and physical desire. The Devil is all about the desire to control others and situations, while it can also symbolise fear of losing control.

When this card appears in your reading, you should ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you feel jealous of another person’s success or abilities?
  • Are you eager to have all of the attention on yourself?
  • Do you feel like everyone should do things your way?

These feelings could be holding you back from achieving your true potential!

To grow into our highest selves (which is what we’re always moving towards), we must let go of these lower-vibrational energies—like jealousy—in order for our souls’ light to shine brightly within us.

With these six cards, we can see that jealousy is a feeling that can be overcome with patience, reflection and the ability to look at ourselves in order to understand our own desires better.

A Tarot Spread to Use When Feeling Jealous.

As with any tarot spread, there are no right or wrong answers. The purpose of the cards is to help you understand what you are thinking and feeling, what those thoughts and feelings mean to you, and how they affect your behaviour.

Use the information provided by this spread to guide your actions in the coming days.

After your usual pre-card pull ritual, draw four cards and lay them down from left to right.

  1. The first card represents an overview of the circumstances you are facing right now.
  2. The second card represents how we perceive ourselves at this moment. It can express our personality or attributes that define who we are as individuals. Use this card to reveal more about aspects of yourself that may be causing you to be feeling jealous.
  3. The third card represents what is underpinning this jealousy you’re feeling. Use this card to help explore the why and the root cause.
  4. The final card represents what will bring joy into the situation — a person, place or activity — or something intangible such as peace of mind. Focus on this to help you overcome your feelings of envy.

Example Reading

To illustrate this spread for you, here is my reading from today regarding my feelings of jealousy.

tarot cards for jealousy

I sprinkled peridot stone chips around my cards as peridot is the perfect crystal for relieving negative energy and alleviating jealousy. Using crystals with my readings is an extra step I like to take, but it isn’t necessary if you don’t have any.

Card 1 – My overview: Queen of Wands.

Speak up and be heard but be careful that I am not being too bossy and self-absorbed. Keep nurturing my goals and intentions despite challenges.

Card 2 – Self-perception: Ace of Cups.

Why am I feeling unhappy or discouraged by my current state of affairs? Work through difficult emotions. I need to remember my potential and focus on what I want.

Card 3 – Root cause of jealousy: The World.

Why am I struggling to break free of negativity? This is a lesson or opportunity to put me on the right path. Patience, endurance and knowing what I want is essential. Am I moving towards what I want?

Card 4 – What will bring joy; help overcome feelings: 5 of Pentacles.

I need to overcome my loneliness and release my jealousy and disappointment. Have faith in my resourcefulness and self-reliance to solve my problems—practice compassion.

Balance, Passion, and Joy Help You Overcome Jealousy

Many people think that jealousy is a destructive emotion, but it’s not necessarily bad.

Jealousy can indicate that you’re unhappy with your life or that something isn’t right in it. It may also signify that you want to change something about your situation and don’t know how to do it.

If you feel jealous of someone else’s success or happiness, take some time to step back from the situation and look at the big picture. Are there things in your own life that need fixing? If so, try focusing on improving them instead of dwelling on what’s going wrong for other people.

Doing this will build up positive energy that will help balance out any negative feelings associated with jealousy and make it easier for those emotions to pass over time!

If you’re honest with yourself, your jealousy may not be about someone else. Instead, it’s about your own lack of self-confidence and not having enough trust in yourself or others.

Ensure you are doing things to bring joy and balance into your life.

I suggest getting insight into the situation by using the tarot spread for jealousy above.

Finally, read more about the tarot cards for jealousy and how to interpret them yourself.

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  1. What a great article. I feel jealousy at times and often have wondered about it, and what to do. Thank you, this is a great starting point for me, and will pass it on to my friends!

    • Hi Eric,

      I’m so pleased you found this post useful and I hope you enjoy the 4-card spread too; thank you for sharing it with your friends.

      Jealousy really can have a habit of creeping up on you – sometimes when you least expect it!

      I think if we don’t work to resolve these feelings, they will only build up and turn into resentment or worse.

      Love and light,


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